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    09/19/06: What's Hot in the Cool World of Hockey?
    Home > News > 09/19/06: What's Hot in the Cool World of Hockey?

    09/19/06: What's Hot in the Cool World of Hockey?

    Vancouver, BC, September 19, 2006 -- WiredBIZ Media Inc. is proud and excited to announce the acquisition of the rights to hotHOCKEY.com and the re-branding of hotHOCKEY into the newly launched WiredHOCKEY, the world's largest hockey-specific search engine, directory and resource.

    The Internet is fast becoming the first choice for sports fans, and hockey fans in particular. From hockey fight videos to table hockey to hockey pools, the best and only place to start when looking for hockey-related products, services and websites is WiredHOCKEY, which now boasts more than 7,200 unique links and is growing every day.

    WiredHOCKEY becomes the second in a planned string of industry vertical portals to be launched by WiredBIZ Media Inc. In May of this year, WiredBIZ (www.WiredBIZ.com") was launched and today is the single largest resource on the Internet for network marketing and multi-level marketing. With an Alexa rank of under 40,000 already, WiredBIZ is the "go to" source for MLM.

    Armed with the goodwill of hotHOCKEY, WiredHOCKEY expects to move quickly beyond even the success of WiredBIZ. And just in time for the 2006/07 National Hockey League season!

    Whether youíre looking for the best buys on hockey equipment, sticks and jerseys, if you just want to check out the coolest goalie mask designs, if youíre looking for hockey training and coaching tips, if you need information on adult and youth hockey tournaments, if youíre a hockey referee or if youíre into collecting hockey cards, WiredHOCKEY has it all.

    Make sure to visit and bookmark www.WiredHOCKEY.com today. And if you're a Webmaster, donít forget to add your link for free!

    For additional information about the news that is the subject of this press release, please visit www.WiredHOCKEY.com or contact George Moen at pr@WiredHOCKEY.com.

    About WiredHOCKEY
    The Internet has it all... but where is it? That has always been the question. If it has to do with the sport and business of hockey you will find it here quickly and easily. With over 7,200 searchable and categorized links already, WiredHOCKEY is moving full steam ahead as the "go to" source for the coolest game on ice.

    About WiredBIZ Media Inc.
    WiredBIZ Media Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia focused on developing vertical, industry-specific search engines, directories and Web portals. WiredBIZ (www.WiredBIZ.com) and WiredHOCKEY (www.WiredHOCKEY.com) are the first two in a planned series of such websites organizing and simplifying how people search for information online.

    George Moen, Director of Public Relations
    WiredBIZ Media Inc.


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